Kite Surf Advanced Courses - Maselli Kite School

Courses to improve their own style of kite, always followed by the professionalism of a qualified instructor.

In this course you will learn the best techniques to make the most of your equipment in all conditions and the correct settings to begin the first maneuvers and treat every single gap.

In our kite courses provides all necessary equipment, kite, board, wetsuit, life jacket, harness, helmet, etc. ..


Thanks to the favoruable conditions of our spot and our experience we are able to deliver safely a complete and personalized teaching to meet the needs of each athlete.

Passion and Professionalism

Our goal is to make you learn quickly and well, we use proper equipment, professional and qualified instructors, but above all a great passion and professionalism that have allowed us to become an international benchmark for teaching

How to subscribe our Course

  • Come to the Office (info point at the beach) or contact us by phone (+39 3470306312) to agree on the type of course and lesson dates.
  • Pay the registration fee directly to the Office or by bank transfer.
  • The courses are held by APPOINTMENT, on dates of your choice, even in non-consecutive days.
  • The school is open daily, including holidays, from April to late October.
  • To participate in the courses do not need to have previous experience with other water sports and do not need a special physical training, it is necessary to know how to swim and be in good physical health.

Sports medical examination required

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