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Our schools are active from April to end October and have excellent teachers ensure safety and reliability. Free test! Seeing is believing.

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  • 08.00 - 20.00
  • Every day

Our Spots

Roby Maselli

MKS Director
Instructor Federal (FIV) 2° Level
Master Kiteboarding (CSEN)
Qualification PKI (CSEN)
Qualify Expression Official freestyle and wave (FIV)

Founder and manager of the MASELLI KITE SCHOOL-MKS, trainer of the federal instructors doesn't disdain session of freestyle sharing with his brother Stefano (titled pluri to world level) the winter months of training. Besides the management of the schools, it participates in the tests on the products ADVANCE KITES and UNDERWAVE.

Stefano Maselli

Federal Instructor (FIV)
Master Kiteboarding (CSEN)
Snowkite instructor (CSEN)
Qualification PKI (CSEN)
Qualify Expression Official freestyle and wave (FIV)

The first Italian athlete to climb on the platform of one covers of cup of the world. One of the greatest exponents of the wakestyle and national freestyle. Federal instructor, Team Rider and Tester for ADVANCE KITES and UNDERWAVE. During the summer period it divides him among the various school in Italy, while in that winter among the various spots in the world (Brazil, Australia, South Africa...). It actively participates in the project young (Junior KITE TEAM) created by the MASELLI KITE SCHOOL where it is found in before line as Trainer and it actively follows the circuit of cup of the world.

  • 6° Overall Ranking KPWT 2005
  • 7° PKRA KitePark Contest VENEZUELA 2006
  • 3° KPTW Como Lake Italy FIAT Freestyle 2006
  • 1° Ranking Italy Cup IKU 2006
  • 1° Ranking Italy Cup IKU 2007
  • 1° Red Bull Kite Mission park contest 2007
  • 2° Red Bull Kite MIssion 2007
  • 2° Ranking Italy Cup IKU 2008

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