Snow Kite

Snowkiting is an innovative, fun and accessible mountain sport, but even simpler for those who know how to ski or snowboard and are already familiar with kite piloting.

Snowkiting was born from the union of kitesurfing with snowboard or skis.

It is an adrenaline-pumping and exciting activity that has already conquered a large number of sportsmen around the world.

Snowkiting allows you to navigate on the snow, it is a personal lift that makes you independent and autonomous from the ski lifts. The kite generates traction that allows practitioners to climb the slopes!

What is needed?

The wind, a kite, ski or snowboard, technical clothing and a passion for the mountains!

Where we are?

In collaboration with the Nikite Snowkite Team school, we operate on the main Italian spots: Tonale, Monte Tomba Lessina, Corno del Renon, Lago di Resia and many other places

Follow and discover NIKITE, our partners in this adventure.

How to subscribe Courses

Opening period

  • from November to the end of February

Trial course - 2 hours

  • With this course you will be able to learn the basic safety rules and experience the emotions of sailing on the snow, fundamental steps to understand if this is the right sport for you.
  • Objectives: To learn how to fly a kite
  • Access requirements: Skiing or snowboarding
  • What it includes: Kite, harness and harness rental
  • Excluded: Ski or snowboard equipment, helmet

Basic course for beginners - 2 days / 2 lessons (3/4 hours)

  • This basic course will allow you to familiarize yourself with kite management and learn Snowkiting safely. With the Basic course we will teach you to maneuver your kite that will allow you to climb the slopes. Anyone can access this course with certain success!
  • Objectives: To learn to fly a FOIL kite - gaits in all directions
  • Access requirements: Skiing or snowboarding and being 12 years old
  • What it includes: Kite, harness and harness rental
  • Excluded: Ski or snowboard equipment, helmet (mandatory)
  • Duration: 3/4 hours each lesson