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Ponte Caffaro (BS) Idro Lake
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Limone sul Garda (BS) Garda Lake
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Marone (BS) Iseo Lake
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Rome Roman coast (Ardea)
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Talamone Bay Tuscany coast
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Do you want to Kite Surf on Lake Garda? On Lake Idro? On Lake Iseo? On the Roman coast? In the Bay of Talamone?

The Maselli Kite School is the ideal answer for those who want to practice Kite Surf.
Our Kite Surf instructors are recognized nationally and internationally.

Our Kite Surf schools are active all year round and make use of excellent instructors who guarantee safety and reliability.

MKS offers kite surfing courses for learning the first technical notions of kiteboarding.
It also offers private individual or group kitesurfing lessons.

We thank our sponsors and partners who have supported us for years, in particular the Mossali Group and Feinhoren companies that give us the opportunity to carry out projects within our reality.

Thank you!
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